What to do:   

  1. Each person determine an n and r for a public key and post it publicly by sending the values to the whole class (and me) on email.  Find the value for s that will let you decode the message, but DO NOT send the value of s--keep it secret.
  2. Each person compose a message for the person below them on the class list (Gordon send to Tamsen send to Cody send to Gordon).  Use the public key of the person below you to encrypt the message, and post the encrypted message publicly by emailing it to the whole class.
  3. Each person decode the message that was sent to them from the person above.


Turn in the following to me:

  1. Your work finding n, r, and s.
  2. The message you sent, both in English and encrypted, with the work you did to encrypt it.
  3. The message that was sent to you, both encrypted and decoded, with the work you did to decode it.

Due Dates:

  1. Please have your n and r posted by 1:00 pm on Monday, November 8 at the latest.  
  2. Please post your encoded message by Friday, November 12 at the latest.  
  3. The decoded messages and all other material are due to me by Friday, November 19.


Some resources:

  1. Ascii converters from John Trono.  You need to save these somewhere, then change the file extension from .eee to .exe.   You should then be able to run them just by clicking on them.  For asciiout.exe,  just type the message you want, with no carriage returns.  Then hit enter and the program will give you the ascii code for each letter or symbol in your message.  When you are done, Type control shift z, and then close the window.  For asciiin.exe, enter all the ascii codes (you don't need to enter leading 0's), separated by spaces, and the program will give you the message in English (assuming a.  it was written in English, and b. it was encoded and decoded properly). asciiin.eeeasciiout.eee
  2. An example of using Maple to do both the encoding and decoding: RSA Code.mws



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