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Example of Video Conversation and Instruction

To do this effectively please follow the steps below...

Steps 1:  Check the video clip example and  its script below...

To go video clip 1#, Please click the picture link below...

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Ben meets the landlady in front of the apartment and then takes a look at the apartment for rent…

Marybeth: Hi!

Ben: Hi, it’s Ben. I called yesterday.

Marybeth: Oh, right. Yea, come on in. You are here to look at this apartment?

Ben: Yes, thank you.

Marybeth: This is the kitchen. Ok. So we have a microwave. And the sink. And we have cookware and we gas stove here. And we have a big refrigerator here so you can put everything. Do you any question?

Ben: Do you have any washer and dryer on site?

Marybeth: Yes. Washer and dryer are here and the next is the extra refrigerator.

Ben: So one question. Where I can put extra food?

Marybeth: Ah. There is a place you can extra food there and we have some cover desk and sheltered closet.

Ben: Oh, that’s good.

Marybeth: Oh, that’ my favor. Right here. We also have this cabinet. You can put shoes, or cloth, or anything you might need.

Ben: That’s good.

Marybeth: You want me to show you the living room?

Ben: Ok.

Marybeth: Ok, here is the living room.

Ben: Oh.

Marybeth: And it is fully carpeted. And we have…

Ben: I like the color.

Marybeth: Yea. TV, VCR…and there is a little balcony right here. You can sit outside if you want. There is a little sunshine.

Ben: That’s definitely for studying. Enjoy the sunshine.

Marybeth: And this is pretty quiet in here, so…and there is the bathroom on this floor. Right here. That’s basic. Sink, shower tub…

Ben: Thank you. Can I see the bedroom?

Marybeth: Bathroom. Yea. Here is the bedroom. So bed, bookshelf…This particular bedroom has a closet…and a dress room.

Ben: What else do I need to bring when I move in?

Marybeth: Everything is here except for a blanket. We have sheet everything so you probably need to bring a blanket.

Marybeth: That’s probably it. Why don’t we give us some ground? You can get me in the kitchen if you have any question.

Ben: Ok, no problem. See you.


Go to video clip 2# click here!


Marybeth: So Ben, how do you like your apartment?

Ben: This place is pretty good. I like it so much. Just want to make sure the rent. Do I need to pay $650 a month?

Marybeth: Yes, the rent is $650 a month.

Ben: Ok, do I need to put a deposit?

Marybeth: No, we don’t require a deposit.

Ben: One more question. Do I need to sign up a lease?

Marybeth: Yes, we need you to sign up at the first day you decide you want start your renting. You just sing your name by the date.

Ben: How long is the lease?

Marybeth: The lease is at least for six months. Prefer a year.

Ben: So can I smoke here?

Marybeth: Of course not. We don’t allow smoking and pet. You can smoke outside just not in the house.

Ben: Actually, I don’t smoke.

Marybeth: Ok.

Ben: I think I got enough information. Thank you for letting me see this apartment. I will you give a call as soon as possible if I want it.

Marybeth: Ok. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. You have my number, right?

Ben: Yes, I do.

Marybeth: Ok, thank you Ben.

Ben: Thank you. Have a good day.


Steps 2: Now you can create your own script and situation by following the instruction.

a. Find a partner.

b. Work together to create a conversation that a landlord (or landlady) is showing his/her apartment advertised to a student.

c. Check out a camera with video-taping function (or your own) and read its manuals to manipulate it.

d. assign roles and find a place to shoot.

e. transfer the video file from the camera to your computer and store the file in zip disk as well as  drive CD, and then bring it to the class.



Steps 3: Teachers and students can decide to present this by using video clips or role play.

In the case that teachers and students choose to use video clips, this step will provide the link  of digital camera manual and how to edit video clip below.

Online digital camera manual ( you can check and download any brands and types of digital camera manual.) :

How to create IMOVIE with MAC computer:

How to create Movie in window with Window Movie Maker Tutorial:

How to edit and create digital audio and video:



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