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Telephone Conversation

(Audio & Script)


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Ben makes a call to an apartment landlady inquiring about the rent…
Ben        : Hi, I am calling about the one-bedroom apartment you advertised. Is it still available?
Marybeth : Yes, it is. When do you need it?
Ben : Probably, July 1st. What can you tell me about this apartment?


: Well, it's a one-bedroom apartment. The monthly rent is $650, with a $300 security deposit. You pay electricity only. Umm…gas and water are included. Both the heat and stove are gas. You'll be assigned a sheltered parking space at no extra charge. And, let’s see I think that's probably it.
Ben : Sounds good. May I come over to take a look tomorrow?
Marybeth : Sure. What time would you like to come?
Ben : How about 5 PM?
Marybeth : Great. Ok. May I have your name, please?
Ben : My name is Ben and yours?
Marybeth : My name is Mary Beth. Ok, super Ben. I will see you tomorrow 5 PM.


Click here to listen to the conversation!


Nassiba makes a call to a rental office asking about the rent…


: Hi, I am calling to ask if you have any two-bedroom apartment available right now?

Manager : Yes, I do. When do you need it?
Nassiba : Probably sometime around next week. How much is the rent? And do I need to put a deposit or sign a lease?
Manager : The rent is $900 a month with a $450 deposit. It includes all utilities except the electricity. And, you have to sign a one-year contract.
Nassiba : Ok. Is it furnished?
Manager : Yes, it is.
Nassiba : Great. Can I take a look this Friday?
Manager : Yes, you can. We can meet in my rental office at 10 AM on Friday and then go to see the apartment.
Nassiba : Good.
Manager : May I have your name, please?
Nassiba : Oh, yes, My name is Nassiba. And yours?
Manager : My name is Marybeth. Super! I will see you on Friday 10 AM in my office, Nassiba.


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