Vermont Housing for International Students
Web Quest for Intermediate level
International Students at College level



Vocabulary Development

Advertisement abbreviations

lVocabulary worksheet (computer projector)


Project sample studentsí description of the housing they want with the whole class (computer projector)

Whole-class discussion for questions to ask when they are looking at the housing

lGroup work to look for the housing matching their expectation by surfing Internet (Internet connection)


Project a sample email to contact the landlord/landlady for further information (computer projector)

Role-play (student 1 be the landlord/landlady, student 2 be the possible tenant asking for more information by email with confidential copy to the teacher)


Students listen to samples of telephone conversation between the landlord/landlady and the possible tenant (sound media & headphone) and answer comprehension questions individually


lStudents role-play in groups of two for recording their own telephone conversation (microphone & sound media)

lStudents watch samples of video clips about housing advertising (video media) and start to create their own video advertisement as a group project (from digital camera)

Overview Procedure Calendar Evaluation

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