Vermont Housing for International Students
Web Quest for Intermediate level
International Students at College level


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 Microsoft Education (Tutorial and so on)

 Microsoft Clip Art Online

 Online digital camera manual (download any brands  and types of digital camera manual)

How to create I MOVIE with MAC computer:

How to create Movie in window with Window Movie Maker Tutorial:

How to edit and create digital audio and video:

Housing Links

I. House Ads
II. Tip to Hunt a House
Rubric Links

Special Thanks

Marybeth and Nassiba for Voices in  the Telephone Conversation

  Video  Clips

Masashi for helping us about creating this Web Quest 


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Lastly created by Rattiya Panichkul&Hung-Che Chen

GED 565 & GSL 520 Prof. Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Spring 2004



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