Vermont Housing for International Students
Web Quest for Intermediate level
International Students at College level


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Class Description


Five Objectives


Class Descriptions

Language Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Class Size: 10 – 20 students

Age/Grade: International undergraduate and graduate students at Saint Michael’s College.

Native Language Background: Various (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, and etc.)

Previous Computer work :Experience with PC Operating System, Ms Words, Ms PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Search Engine, and Email.

Recent Work: Telephone conversations and letter writing.

Class needs or Goals: Through exercises and collaborative projects, students will be able to use appropriate English and technology tools for house hunting.



Hardware (some may be available in labs) 

¤Computers and Internet Connection 

¤Computer Projector

¤Headphone and Microphone

¤Digital Camera



¤Stage Drop



¤MS-Office Software: PowerPoint, and Words


¤Media Software: MS Media Player

¤Browser Software: MS Internet Explorer

¤Email Software: MS-Outlook (or web-based e-mail accounts)



Five Objectives

Content Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to…

¤Pick up useful information in the classified section of newspaper or internet.

¤Contact the landlady/landlord for further information by phone or e-mail.

¤Ask the landlord for an appointment to see the place.



Language Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will have learned to…

¤Read the advertisement for housing in the newspaper and on the website.

¤Understand abbreviations in the housing advertisement.

¤Make useful conversation with the landlady/landlord on the phone or write email to her/him  for further housing information.

 ¤Create their own advertisement for the newspaper or website.



Computer Literacy Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will have learned how to…

¤Use sound and video media and create their own sound and video files.

¤Create their own advertisements by using PowerPoint or Flash.

¤Use some hardware such as digital camera and scanners.

¤Upload and download files.



Culture and Social Objectives

Through the course, students will…

¤Learn how to cooperate, negotiate, and interact with the other students in role-play and group discussion.

¤Encourage each other to develop language and technology skills by working on collaborative projects.



Academic Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will have learned…

¤To research housing information in Vermont.

¤To evaluate housing information on the websites.





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