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In English speaking setting, there are a lot of challenges for international students. Besides the lack of English language proficiency, another challenge the students will encounter is housing. The housing may be not a big deal for some international students living on campus or with families in Vermont but for the rest of them who need to live off campus. Hence, the purpose of this web quest is to offer a lesson plan with activities and exercises for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers for helping their students gather the linguistic, social and cultural knowledge about housing in order to cope with such a challenge.

We organized this web quest in six parts: Lesson Description, Materials, Objectives, Procedure, Evaluation, and Related Links. In Lesson Description, we explain the general information for this lesson such as the language level of the target students and the goal of this lesson. The second part is Materials, which shows what kind of software and hardware ESL teachers will need. Objectives is the third part, which states the purpose in different perspectives. The fourth part is Procedure, the body of this lesson, introducing how the teacher conducts the whole lesson. The next part is Evaluation, which assesses if the performance of students meets the objectives. In the final, we provide some related links in order for both students and teacher to do further research.

We hope this web quest lesson helps ESL teachers get some ideas in their teaching. We are open to hear any suggestions from visitors. 


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