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Vermont Housing Vocabulary


3. The work of providing houses for people to live in

4. Someone who lives in a place such as a house or apartment

6. An arrangement by which you rent something

8. Someone who owns a building or other property and rents it to other people

9. The short form of a word used in writing such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.

10. A house in a group of houses that share one or more walls



1. A place to live that consists of a set of rooms in a large building

2. Style of the house in Victorian period

5. Services such as gas and electricity that are provided for people to use

7. A woman who owns a building or other property and rents it to people

9. A set of words or pictures in a newspaper, magazine etc. that gives information about a product, event, or service in order to persuade people to buy or use it




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