DMD 2011




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Discrete Mathematics Days - July 15th & 16th
Speaker List

Lowell Abrams, George Washington University
Cellular Automorphisms of Surfaces and Self-Duality

sarah-marie belcastro, Smith College
Counting Kempe-equivalence classes for 3-edge-colored cubic graphs

Jonathon Bloom, Dartmouth College
Modified Growth Diagrams, Permutation Pivots,
and the BXW Map Ø*

Satyan Devadoss, Williams College
The world of particle collisions

Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont
Constructions for Retransmission Permutation Arrays

Peter Dodds, University of Vermont
Complexity, Big Data Science, and Happiness

Tom Hull, Western New England College
Bounds on a sequence for counting flat vertex folds

John Jungck, Beloit College
If Life Is Analog, Why Are We Being So Discrete?

Brigitte Servatius, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Geometric and Petrie (Self) Duality

Eric Swartz, Binghamton University
Locally 2-arc transitive graphs

Thomas Zaslavsky, Binghamton University
Nonattacking Chess Pieces: The Bishops' Dance