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Discrete Mathematics Days - July 15th & 16th

Poster List with Abstracts

Jessica Adams, Saint Michael’s College
Knotted Crystals in the Octet Truss

Sarah Alexander, Matt Hughes, and Miriam Kuzbary, Bard Summer REU
Covering Graphs and Voltage Assignments

James Coolidge and Kevin O’Brien, Saint Michael's College
Utilizing the Octet Truss in the Design of Lateral Transfer Retroreflectors

Thomas Dickerson, Saint Michael's College
Generating Crystal Lattices

Brandon Doster, Saint Michael's College
Eulerian Superpath Problem

Mary Hall, Saint Michael's College
Phylogenetic Trees: Graphical Representations of Evolutionary Relationships

Gregory Hunt, Drew University, Bard Summer REU
Term Rewriting Systems and the Towers of Hanoi

Jennifer Kile and Buck Fisk, Bard Summer REU
How are Cycles Learned in a Synaptic Binary Neural Network?

Sandra Kingan, Mathematics Department, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Stabilizers in Matroids

James Parker, Bard Summer REU
Diamonds and Bowties: Supersymmetric Graph Conditions

Jasper Weinrich-Burd, Bard Summer REU
Adinkra Phase Graphs


There will be a poster session after lunch on Saturday. If you are interested in contributing a poster please send email to Greta Pangborn ( with the author(s), title, and abstract for the poster.

3 foot x 4 foot posterboard and pushpins will be provided.