This WebQuest includes three tools for evaluation:   team working
  •  a quiz on role play vocabulary,
Use this rubric to evaluate your own understanding of the vocabulary.  You may take it as many times as you wish.
Your teacher will use this rubric to evaluate the group presentation.  Your final score will include evaluation of the overall presentation, as well as your individual contribution.
  • and a rubric for evaluating the final brochure created by the class.
Your teacher will use this rubric to evaluate the final brochure that your class creates together.  Your class may also use this rubric for self evaluation.

Three evaluation tools are provided with this webquest.  You may want to adapt them to your particular group and objectives.  For example, if your class emphasizes oral skills, you may want to have students record their role plays in Vaestro and evaluate the final results.

We recommend that for both the oral presentation and the final brochure, you give students the opportunity for self-evaluation and reflection using the rubrics provided.

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