The Process

Here is the overall process you will follow.  Click on each step, or scroll down for more information.

1. Group Brainstorm

2.  Determine roles for research teams

3.  Role play useful English phrases

4.  Research roles on the internet

5.  Create information packets

6.  Share the information with your class in a formal presentation

7.   Regroup for itinerary planning

8.  Determine the schedule for each day

9.  Compile your finished information booklet and publish



1. Group Brainstorm

What do we want to know?

Where will we eat?

What will we visit?

How will we get places?

How will we find necessities?

Other questions?


Your teacher will help you to complete a questionnaire worksheet to include all of your questions.


2.  Determine roles for research teams


  • Read over the Roles.

  • Initially you will break into Research Groups by role.

  • Each Research Group should have about the same number of students. For example, in a class of twelve, three students will work together to look for necessities, three students will work together to look for transportation, and so on. See Research Groups in Process Step 7 for a visual example.

  • Each Research Group is responsible for investigating its specialty area and presenting recommendations to the class.



3.  Role play useful English phrases


After you have formed your teams and completed your worksheets, you will need to learn some English phrases that will be useful during your quest. 


For further practice, you will perform a role play activity that will help you to be prepared.

man at bus stop

Click Here to Start


4.  Research roles on the internet


Visit the computer lab

girl at computer

  • Use the results from your brainstorming session to be sure your team looks for items and activities that are of interest to you and your classmates.

  • Include in your worksheets possible solutions and decide on which you want to incorporate into your plans.

  • Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for in your roles, go to the internet.

  • See if you can find stores, restaurants and services related to your role in the areas you will visit.

  • Look for resources in each location, as you will be visiting Church Street, University Mall and Williston.

  • Record your finding in a graphic organizer to help prepare for the group presentation of your findings.

  • Makes notes of other ideas and suggestions that you have for your first three days on Vermont.

Internet Links

Church Street, Burlington University Mall, South Burlington Williston General Links
  Burlington Free Press

Seven Days Weekly

Check out the links on the Introduction page if you haven't already.


If you have time, try this quiz to learn more about American classroom customs.


5.  Create information packets


  • Using the graphic organizers, you will convert your information into a packet for use during your stay at Saint Michael's.


  • You will use Microsoft Word to make the information easy to use and read.

graphic orgnizers



6.  Share the information with your class in a presentation

group presentation

When you have finished researching your roles and have prepared your information packet, you will do a presentation for the class to share your findings. 


Your presentation should last about 5 minutes.


Make sure to include all information you think is necessary for the whole group to know.


Remember, the next step will be to create a specific schedule for each day.


You will be evaluated using this presentation rubric.


7.   Regroup for itinerary planning


Organize yourselves into new groups for planning your daily itineraries. 

Each planning group should include one person from each of the research teams.


Research Groups


Planning Groups


three circles


three diamonds


circle square diamond triangle

Necessities Food  

Day 1 - Church Street


three squares


three triangles

  circle square diamond triangle circle square diamond triangle
Transportation Entertainment   Day 2 - Williston Day 3 - University Mall


8.  Determine the schedule for each day


Working in your new groups, you will plan what you will do each day.


Each team member should share the information from the research team about the options available in the location you are visiting.


Discuss your options, then decide as a group the itinerary for the day.


Remember to include three meals, transportation, entertainment and necessities.


Write the schedule for your day using the itinerary planner.


Consider adding a separate page with helpful hints and suggestions for your visit.


Share your day's itinerary with your class.

planner book

9.  Compile your finished information booklet and publish

   colorful brochures

Now that you have resource pages and itineraries, it is time to put them all together.

Design a cover page that includes your names and some artwork.

Insert additional pages with artwork, pictures, ideas and suggestions.

Proofread your final draft and check it against the Brochure Evaluation Rubric.

Make a copy for everyone!

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