Ordering a Pizza over the Telephone

pizza delivery person

Helen wants to order a pizza over the telephone and have it delivered to her dorm room. She has found a restaurant that delivers to St. Michael's and knows what size of pizza she wants to order and what toppings she wants on it.


pick-up- occurs when the customer drives to the restaurant to pick up and pay for the pizza.

delivery- occurs when a driver goes to the customer's home to deliver the pizza. The customer pays the delivery person for the meal and for the delivery service.

breadsticks- buttered sticks of pizza dough often sold alongside pizza.

2-liter- a two liter container of soda.

Role Play Script

  Operator: Hello, pick-up or delivery?

Helen: Delivery, please.

Operator: What is your address?

Helen: Ryan Hall, St. Michael's College.

Operator: What is your phone number?

Helen: 654-1234.

Operator: What would you like?

Helen: I would like a large pizza with green olives.

Operator: Would you like breadsticks or soda with that?

Helen: A 2-liter of Coke. What is the total cost, please?

Operator: Ten-fifty. It'll be twenty minutes to half an hour.

Helen: Thank you. Goodbye.

Helpful Hints

  • You usually must ask for the total cost over the phone.
  • Delivery drivers cannot enter your dormitory, so you must meet them outside.
  • Check the menu of the restaurant to find what kinds of pizza and toppings they have.
  • It is polite to add 8-10% of the total cost for tipping the driver.
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