Buying an International Phone Card
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Alex needs an international phone card to call his parents in Greece. He would like to find one that has a good rate for calling Europe. He also would like one that has enough credit to last his entire stay in America. He asks the clerk at the drug store to help him find the card he needs.


international phone call- a phone call to someone outside the United States.

domestic phone call-
a phone call to someone inside the United States.

phone card-
a card that holds pre-paid credit for making phone calls.

service that is paid for before it is used.

per-minute rate-
the cost for one minute of a phone call. Usually shown in cents per minute, for example $.05/minute.

sales tax-
tax that is added when you pay for a non-food item.

Role Play Script

  Drug Store Clerk: Can I help you?

Alex: Hi, I'd like to buy a phone card, please.

Clerk: Do you want one for domestic or international calls?

Alex: International. I am trying to call Greece. Do you have a card for calling to Europe?

Clerk: Yes. We have them in $5, $10, and $20 quantities. Which one would you like?

Alex: What is the per-minute rate for the $20 card?

Clerk: For calling to Greece? Ten cents per minute.

Alex: Then I would like that one.

Clerk: Very good, that will be $21.20 including tax.

Helpful Hints

  • Phone cards are usually kept behind the clerk's counter

  • Sales tax is 6% in Vermont.

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