Going to the Movies

movie theater

Anna would like to see a movie at the cinema. She read the newspaper and knows the next showing is at 7:20. She arrives at 7:05 to buy her ticket.


student ticket- a ticket that is sold at a discounted price when the customer shows a student ID.

showing- the different times a movie is played.

student ID- an identity card for university students to prove that they attend the school they go to.

Role Play Script

  Box office clerk: Can I help you?

Anna: we would like two student tickets for The Wizard of Oz, please.

Clerk: Which showing would you like?

Anna: The one at 7:20.

Clerk: That will be $12. Can I see your student IDs?

Anna: One moment. Here you go.

Clerk: Thank you, enjoy your movie.

Helpful Hints

  • Movie times are listed in 12-hour time, i.e. 7:20 = 19.20

  • The normal start time for a movie in the evening is between 7 and 8 PM, though there are later showings on the weekends.

  • Tickets for matinee showings (between 12 and 5 PM) are often cheaper that tickets for evening showings.

  • You can get a discount for evening showings during the week if you buy a student ticket.

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