Riding the Bus

Stef wants to travel from St. Michael's campus to the University Mall, but does not know what bus to take from the station downtown. He must ask the driver on the bus to downtown for the correct information.


University Mall/U Mall- a shopping center in South Burlington, Vermont.

transfer- occurs when you have to change buses during a one-way journey. You cannot switch directions when you transfer.

transfer ticket- a ticket that proves that bus fare has already been paid when changing buses on a one-way journey.

the number 1- the bus that travels on the #1 bus route. All buses are identified by their route number.

Role Play Script

  Stef: Excuse me, what bus do I take to get to University Mall?

Bus driver: You must get a transfer downtown. The bus that goes to U Mall is the number 1.

Stef: Do I have to pay a second time when I get on another bus?

Bus driver: No. You can take a transfer ticket and give it to the bus driver on the second bus. Take a bus schedule to see what time the number 1 leaves from downtown. Buses normally leave every thirty minutes.

Stef: Thank you for your help.

Helpful Hints

  • Don't forget to ask for a transfer ticket when you change buses!

  • Make sure to bring your bus schedule with you.

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