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  2000 Ph.D.   Ecology University of Vermont
    1995 M.S.   Ecology University of Pittsburgh
    1990 B.S.   Biology St. Joseph's University


  2001 -- now Saint Michael's College Department of Biology
    2000 -- 2001 Middlebury College Department of Biology
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Declan J. McCabe and Evelyn J. Knight. in press. Null models for everyone: A two-step approach to teaching null model analysis of biological community structure. Bioscene 42 (2) 14-25

Declan J. McCabe and Catherine M.T. Vu. 2014. Digital Coyote: Examining geographical variation using a virtual museum collection.  Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching: Proceedings of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education 35, 369-375

Declan J. McCabe. 2014. Competitive phylogenetics: A laboratory exercise. American Biology Teacher 76 (2) 127–131.

Declan J. McCabe, Erin M. Hayes-Pontius, Alexandra Canepa, Kaitlyn S. Berry, and Bridget C. Levine. 2012. Measuring standardized effect size improves interpretation of biomonitoring studies and facilitates meta-analysis.  Freshwater Science  31 (3) 800-812

Letovsky, Erin, Ian E. Myers, Alexandra Canepa, Declan J. McCabe. 2012. Differences between kick sampling techniques and short-term Hester-Dendy sampling for stream macroinvertebrates. Bios  82 (2) 47-55.

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Ashline, George L., Joanna A. Ellis-Monaghan, Zsuzsanna M. Kadas, and Declan J. McCabe. Modeling seashell morphology. UMAP/ILAP Modules 2009: Tools for Teaching: 101–139.

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