Questions about Sensory Systems


What are the general properties of sensory reception and how are these messages transmitted to the central nervous system?

How can sensory systems detect such a broad range of stimuli intensity?

What is chemoreception?

What are the differences in chemoreception in invertebrates and in vertebrates?

What are the olfactory (smell) mechanisms?

What are the gustatory (taste) mechanisms?

What is mechanoreception?

What are the structural mechanisms of the vertebrate ear?

How does the ear then change vibration waves to mechanical sound?

How does the insect’s system of mechanoreception compare to that of the vertebrate’s?

What is the system of mechanoreception in fish?

What is photoreception?

What are the structural mechanisms of the vertebrate eye?

How does the vertebrate eye operate?

Why do some animals see in black and white?

What kind of photoreception systems do insects have?

How do fish see?

What are the specific mechanisms of the conversion of light stimulation to neuronal impulses?

What is thermoreception in snakes?