Questions about Respiratory Systems

What is respiration? Why do animals respire and why is it important?

What is oxygen debt?

What is the difference between air and water as respiratory environments?

How is oxygen carried through the blood and passed on to other cells? What role does hemoglobin play in oxygen transfer? What conditions affect hemoglobin/oxygen affinity?

How is carbon dioxide transported in the blood?

Why are red blood cells important to carbon dioxide transport?

Why is the regulation of body pH important?

How does breathing regulate pH?

What are alkalosis and acidosis? What are the consequences?

What are the respiratory organs that facilitate gas transfer?

What are the components of the mammalian lung?

How do different animals ventilate their lungs/spiracles (mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, and invertebrates)?

How do gills work?

How do insect tracheoles work? How are they different from lungs and gills?

What is the role of pulmonary surfactants in respiration?

How are breathing patterns controlled or regulated?

How does an animal respond to extreme respiratory conditions?

What are some of the physiological problems associated with high altitude?