Questions about muscles


What are the structural and functional differences between skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles and where are they found?

What is a T-tubule?

What composes a thin filament?

What is a sarcomere, and how does it function?

What is the role of calcium in muscle function?

How does an action potential initiate a muscle contraction?

How is chemical energy transformed into physical energy?

Why don't muscles produce maximum contractions all the time?

What determines the strength or force of a muscle?

How does the length of a muscle affect the strength of a contraction?

How does exercise affect muscle formation and growth?

What determines a muscle’s resistance to fatigue?

What causes rigor mortis?

What are the differences between red and white muscle fibers?

What is a tendon, and what is it's composition?

What is creatine phosphate, and how is it an energy source?

Do creatine supplements boost creatine phosphate levels and provide more energy?

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