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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
very different model than at other institutions doing DE - not a top down decision to go this route
encouraged by the Dean of SIS as seen as a means to cut down on faculty travelling - staffing issue
graphic is link to MATESL site showing satellite sites
Bogota - insufficient technological capability, but exploring possibility with Krakow, Bangkok and Athens
Christine's request for assistance led to creation of project team
difficult to get this project team to work together - lack of ownership as a team
(In terms of organizational theory, shoudl have known this would not work work well without the support of higher administration)
assumptions being made all around that led to miscommunications (hardware & software requests)
lack of time & resources  for research into feasibility
first two team members are Christine and I
Unresolved issue - authenticating SMC students for access to online library databases for research
Also unresolved - Webmaster was asked to password protect individual pages within the site
Show on contents frame or go to online links - Course Information and then Texts & Reserve materials
some material did not scan well, especially with graphics to convert to .pfd format for Acrobat Reader
left unresolved about overseas access - she will only use web-based readings in future & have students buy texts through Amazon.com
Christine was left with the responsibility of obtaining permissions to change the format of the original readings
Christine had to find a student worker to assist in maintaining the site
I did the beginning of one and then Christine and student worker did web-based forms - go to form
ATS (part of LIS) created web-based documentation for most of the software used at SMC
not done in time and  not written for her student needs
go to Course Info, then course sched, then class #4
wanted site password protected so only syllabus could be viewed by the public -unable to link these pages w/in a site, need to create two separate sites to password protect
Click on Course Information in Contents frame
then Course Schedule w/ Interactive Links
then Class #6
then Instructions for using Pueblo - unless don't have Java enabled browser, this is no longer necessary
digital camera was never made available - Webmaster came & took class picture - now one is available for student check out
promises made then budget constraints on headset/mike purchase
I did the software installations although this was against the proper procedure through User Services - some not installed on time
both virtual drive and public folder made available for class - application sharing from virtual drive was the solution
NetMeeting did allow audio for one-to-one speaking capabilities, text based chat from one to many & application sharing from one to many - insufficient for all she wanted
will probably use anyway - free download
CU-see-Me ruled out as there are not digital video cameras her or at remote locations
Cool Talk ruled out based on evaluation that showed it to be inferior to NetMeeting public folder in MS Exchange used to store student homework assignments - article summary presentations
message board added by Christine
had to really convince them -
*Christine brought up the issue at faculty meetings,
investigated a number of web course management tools companies,
*Christine invited Real Education
*I posted a number of DE articles and web links to the LLRC website
*I began series of technology workshops, offered information about CET's faculty workshops,
Main obstacle to preparing a web-based course for DE is that the teacher must redefine his/her role and the role of the students.
Forces a shift  from teacher-centered to student centered class in terms ofcommunication
So the core element of this shift is how interaction takes place
At a small catholic liberal arts college, no real commitment to DE
had to have more time commitment from IT/LIS or hire more people
Turn key - need funding for web course management companies' services
a real value with Help Desk support and instructional design assistance
turnkey not supported by institution, so now C. looking to spend faculty dev. grant on an instructional designer for this and other classes (not part of whole faculty project)
putting together info about feasibility then 24 hour technical support is needed (we will not have this!)
1.  Why was the CALL course selected for online delivery?
  -- Personal interest / motivation by the faculty member teaching it (Christine); opportunity to experiment with new technology was major driving force
1.  Why was the CALL course selected for online delivery?
  -- Personal interest / motivation by the faculty member teaching it (Christine); opportunity to experiment with new technology was major driving force
-- Heavy use of technology in this course as a teaching tool meant that students could learn about the technology (its strengths as well as its limitations) by actually using it; hands-on, practical experience was built in;
  -- Experimentation could be done by students individually, following instructions in the HOW TO’s (link) of the course. students had to experiment with the technology and its various aspects first, and would then use it in a given teaching situation, e.g. using cutting and pasting functions for teaching paragraph order, main ideas/topic sentences, or learning the annotating functions in MS-Word for computer-based teacher comments on students’ writing.
3.  Results of experimentation could be communicated electronically to the instructor and/or the class via S==>T e-mail, class e-mail (distribution list), comments in the online class discussion forum, comments in the individual student’s journal.
1.  Internet congestion at peak times ==> slow uploading and
     downloading of PowerPoint, audio, video files
2.  Internet connections break down or service is interrupted ==>
        happens in Colombia ==> Colombia ruled out as a site for
        distance courses (for now)
3.  Time zone differences make it difficult to find an appropriate time
        for the teacher and students to meet in real time (synchronous),
        e.g. in the GSL520 Chatroom
4.  For the students it is necessary to have some facility with
       computers, a basic level of competence, and a certain amount of
       confidence so that they feel comfortable following technical
       instructions and doing some troubleshooting themselves.
5.  Putting the CALL course into an online format has resulted in the
      faculty member putting in approximately double the preparation
Costs : are of financial and time-investment type
      -   Difficult to estimate
      -   real out-of-pocket expenses have been only for technical assistance       -  other expenses included in college budget (workstudy student, time/effort by supporting project team)
      -  for maintenance of on-campus course (technical assistance)
      -  real costs for support of the course by all campus constituencies difficult to estimate at this point        ==> research / other DE course developers (Thunderbird School of Management, U. of AZ) have indicated that costs will go far beyond the $3000 (plus $120 per student course fee) paid to a full-support company.
    - no commitment by College to release time or additional compensation at this point Recognition of online course development and delivery as part of scholarship
    - no College-wide guidelines considered yet
    - important precondition if we want to get tenure-track and tenured professors involved;
    - must count toward tenure and promotion
Incentives for faculty to develop online courses
    - release time
    - recognition as part of scholarship
    - count toward tenure and promotion
intranet - templates that faculty use to author web-based courses
do not include:
design assistance
online campus wide services (registrar, bursar, etc.)
maintenance & storage of course web server
assumes faculty have the time & technical expertise to do it all
turnkey would coordinate all of the functions/features of the course
those at the forefront of DE course development will be only ones to motivated to try
will not be able to limit student traveling to VT
 - library subscription database access
-  password protected website
-  electronic reserves - graphic images do not scan well for screen shots, etc.