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Study Skills

How to Study and Learn Effectively <> -- 4 book chapters covering 5 note-taking and learning methods, note-taking software, strategies for improving reading comprehension, and 6 memorization techniques <> -- excellent tips and resources, including Semester Time Management Grid, Procrastination, Listening, Notetaking (see Cornell Note taking Method), Textbook Reading, Concentration, Stress Management

Joe Landsberger's Study Guides and Strategies <> -- study guides and strategies in various languages

Online Academic Success Videos <> -- videos with and without captions on Reading Improvement, Notetaking (Cornell Method), Time Management, Strategic Learning, and Stress Management, by the Academic Skills Center, Dartmouth College

How to  <> -- a Study Skills Resource Site -- free study skills, study strategies, and study tips for reading, listening, writing, speaking, test-taking, vocabulary, memory, time-management

Ohio University's English student resources <> -- includes links to resources for Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary

ESL Skill Areas: Vocabulary, Reading, and Cloze <> -- by Vance Stevens

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