ESL Teaching & Learning Resources

Spelling Zone <> -- free preview/download; The Spelling Program for Professionals, Adults and Children

Spelling: Common Words that Sound Alike (Homonyms) <> -- Purdue OWL's words, spellings, and exercises

Interactive Picture Dictionary from  -- free trial download; words grouped in themes, three types of spelling challenge per word, audio included; Beginner level to low intermediate.

BBC Skillswise <>

American Sign Language <> -- Fingerspelling is a kind of sign language that deaf people use to communicate.  But it's also a fun way to practice your English spelling!  Each letter of the alphabet has a sign.  Use the dictionary to learn the signs.  Use the conerter to see how any word looks.  When you think you know the signs, try the fingerspelling quiz.   PROJECT: After you learn to "speak" and "read" using fingerspelling, try to communicate a word or sentence with a classmate.  Can you do it? (This is a great way to pass secret messages that others can't understand!)

What Word? <> -- free; also available for iPad, iPhone

50 Commonly Misspelled Words <> -- 50 words with incorrect/correct spelling; also has links to other resources

Free Online Word Games <>

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