Search Engines


Google <>
Yahoo <>
The Search Engine Update
<> -- by Danny Sullivan, Editor, Search Engine Watch.  The site includes Search Engine Submission Tips, Web Searching Tips, Search Engine Listings, Reviews, Ratings & Tests, and Search Engine News.
Search Engine For Kids <>
USA People Search < >
Find How <>  --
The How-To Search Engine
Business Resource Center
<> -- a search for business news, articles, and more.
CD Search
Profusion <http://www.profusion>
Check the Grid <> -- "Here's a very useful movie review site. It shows you what several movie critics from around the US think about a movie. It uses a "Traffic Light" system: Green for GO, red for DON'T GO, and yellow for BE CAREFUL."
Ditto <> -- "Ditto is a great search engine that has millions of pictures. It's easy to find just the picture that you're looking for."
Webopedia <> -- The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology.

Ixquick <>
Vivisimo <>
SearchShots <> -- When you're looking for something on the Internet, the best way is to use a search engine. Here's a new and very unique search engine.

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