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Using Songs and Music in Teaching

Teaching with songs <> -- song lyrics and activities for ESL, by Isabelle Pérez Torres; include matching, cloze, and other interactive exercises to practice vocabulary, grammar, sounds; arranged in alphabetical order by singer; link to IPA Fonts for downloading; phonetic symbols appear in some exercises. 

YouTube videos with lyrics: Hello Goodbye (Beatles), Yellow Submarine, <> -- songs with video and lyrics (some with incorrect grammar); selected artists (some modern, some older, e.g. Sounds of Silence and other songs by Simon and Garfunkel)

ESL <> -- songs and other activities with video clips at beginning/low-intermediate/intermediate/high-intermediate proficiency levels, quizzes for listening comprehension, transcripts, and notes on culture, grammar, slang, pronunciation; quiz builder included

YouTube <> -- songs with video

Learn a Song Podcasts <> -- by Charles Kelly; Learn to sing folk songs, campfire songs and group-singing songs that native English speakers sing; song lyrics and paraphrases on-screen, highlighted line-by-line, repeated for practice; guitar accompaniment, culture notes, and other links provided

Teaching with songs <> -- song lyrics and activities for ESL, by Isabelle Pérez Torres; includes matching, cloze, and other interactive exercises!    

ESL through Music <> -- The new site now features additional articles supporting the use of music as well as an annotated bibliography of books and CD's that teachers will find particularly helpful when they use music to instruct English.  As before, this site was created for educators who are interested in promoting the acquisition of English through music.

The Educational Cyber Playground <> -- Click on Linguistics for an amazing amount of research on dialect speakers which will cross over into the ESL area.  Also from there you can click on Cul De Sac Area to find the Indigenous Folksong Reading Curriculum.

English Music & Lyrics Online <> -- Offers methods of teaching English through lyrics and music.   It includes 10 categories such as: American, International, National Anthems, Composers-Performers, Children's Songs, Christmas, Religious, Classical, Games, Quizzes, Sheet Music.

Yahoo!Music <>  -- Internet radio, music videos, artists, music news, interviews <>-- lyrics by artists in alphabetical order

Lyrics and Music Search Engine <> -- search lyrics by song title, artist name, or even words in a song; searchable database of over 2.7 million songs; includes lyrics, links to popular music sites, YouTube, Images/Artwork, iTunes/Amazon MP3, and Concert dates

The International Lyrics Server <

Worldwide Internet Music Resources (William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University) <> -- a resource compendium of song lyrics on the Internet

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