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Grammar Study Guides Grammar exercises/quizzes

Grammar Study Guides <> -- extensive practice on many points of English grammar, including Adjectives, Adjective Clauses, Adverbs, Agreement, Articles, Conditionals, Confusing Words, Connectors, Gerunds, Infinitives, Modals, Noun Clauses, Passive, Past Tense, Prepositions, Present Perfect, Present Tense, Punctuation.

Concordance Grammar: Check grammar against corpus data: Read a sentence. Is it grammatically correct? Click the sentence to see examples of how native speakers use the structure. Apply the pattern to the sentence in question. If you think the sentence is OK then check , or if not OK then click .

English Grammar Book <> (by -- includes links to grammar points in alphabetical order; includes explanations, diagrams, and quizzes; see extensive site on Verb Tenses with quizzes and Irregular Verbs    

Charles Darling's Guide to Grammar and Writing (Index) <> includes an Index, Grammar and Writing rules, PowerPoint slideshows, and Quizzes at the Word and Sentence Level, Paragraph Level, Essay and Research Paper Level

English Grammar <> -- many grammar points discussed, some with pronunciation examples (-ed Simple Past); see Verbs, I vs. Me, and many more

ESL gold Grammar <> -- for every level; explanations/examples/exercises; quizzes; links

OnLine English Grammar <> -- grammar topics with explanations and examples in alphabetical order (by Anthony Hughes)

Perfect English Grammar <> -- grammar explanations (some with video) and exercises on many grammar topics; British spelling

Daily Grammar -- grammar teaching tools for punctuation, parts of speech and common mistakes in grammar; 440 lessons and 88 quizzes

Grammaropolis -- tool to learn different parts of the speech; videos, quizzes on songs, games

NoRedInk -- learn about apostrophes, subject-verb agreement, comma issues, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and commonly confused words.

The Internet Grammar of English <> -- grammar items--some with exercises--in alphabetical order; searchable

60+ English Grammar Resources for Fun and Effective Learning <> -- by Julia Reed

Grammar and Style Guide <>  -- by Jack Lynch; explanations of terms, in alphabetical order

Grammar Slammer  <>  -- style and usage by EnglishPlus

The ESL Study Hall <> (by Christine Meloni)-- GRAMMAR (A Guide to Grammar and Writing with grammar explanations and quizzes, Grammar and Style notes with lessons, exercises and quizzes)

English Grammar <>  -- Free daily English grammar lessons and exercises

NetGrammar <> -- an excellent new free online grammar course for intermediate students.  The course has 15 units.  Each unit includes a grammar lesson, and listening, reading and writing activities.

Regular Verbs in English <

English> -- Offers online courses for improving grammar, vocabulary and reading. 

The Collective Noun Page <

Grammar Exercises/Quizzes

The Grammar Aquarium <>  -- lots of grammar notes, online and handout exercises for EFL and ESL; BASICS GENERAL MODAL VERBS PREPOSITIONS QUESTIONS TENSES TESTS TRICKY WORDS

Grammar Check <> -- explanations and online grammar exercises; follows chapters in Azar, Understanding and Using English Grammar

Online Grammar Handbook <> -- for grammar and writing

Irregular Verb Quizzes: Interactive, with answer check: Irregular Verbs--Quiz Irregular Verbs 1--Basic Drill, Fill-in-the principal-parts (85 verbs); Irregular verb Crossword Puzzle

Article Usage <> -- explanations, quizzes/exercises, and answers on articles, provided by the Writing Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (John R. Kohl)

Using English <> -- 284 free English language quizzes covering grammar, usage and vocabulary for beginner and intermediate level English students; also available in printable format

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Culture Quizzes <> -- grammar explanations and interactive exercises in HotPotataoes, especially for lower proficiencies (beginner, low intermediate, intermediate), by Isabel Pérez Torres (and others) 

WUWC-Sentence Structure <> -- sentence structure exercises provided by Washburn University Writing Center

Grammar Errors <> -- proofread errors of agreement, articles, prepositions with nouns and verbs, singular and plural nouns, auxiliary verbs

Reflexive Pronouns <h> - Fill in the blank, intermediate level, 21 questions

Interesting Things For ESL Students <> -- Free online textbook and fun study site.  Slang, proverbs, anagrams, quizzes, activities, and more

English Grammar <> -- explanations, examples, quizzes on grammar items, in alphabetical order, by

Cutting Edge CALL Demos <> -- Grammar and listening exercises by Jim Duber, using Macromedia Shockwave and Macromedia Director (multimedia authoring tools)

University of Victoria English Language Centre Study Zone  <> -- grammar explanations/examples/exercises for all levels (in Hot Potatoes)

Correlative Conjunctions exercise <>

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