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Engineering English

Distance English for Engineering Program (DEEP) <> -- a free web site with texts to supplement a regular English class (Intermediate) with materials related to Engineering.   Developed witha grant from the Tokyo Municipal Government for Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology (TMIT).  The materials cover six areas (General Science, Computeres, Production Information, Mechanical, Electrical and Aerospace engineering).   Each of these 6 modules takes students between 5 and 10 hours to complete.   Each module is significantly harder than the previous one...

TCS2000 <> - This course by Michael Ballance integrates technology to further develop our students' writing, reading, listening and oral presentation skills.  TESOWL, the site, targets the polytechnic's students but you may find a number of exercises helpful for engineering students and the tertiary level.

ELEaston <>

 E.F.L. for Engineering WITHOUT FEAR <>

English for Science and Technology <>

Computer Literacy <> -- On this page you will find links which will introduce you to the use of computers in the teaching of English. Follow your teachers instructions and do the activities you will be asked to in collaboration with your classmates. Computer literacy is required for those pupils who take part in the Information Technology and English Teaching program

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