Copyright and Plagiarism

Fair Use Guidelines For Educational Multimedia <> -- 1996; updated 2001

The TEACH Act Toolkit <> -- a guide to the TEACH Act

Articles/sites on TEACH and Fair Use
21st Century Information Fluency:
The Copyright Web site: -- Explains issues relating to audio, visual, digital and paper based materials.  It deals mostly with US copyright laws.
The Ultimate Guide to Copyright:

Copyright Crash Course Online Tutorial <> -- learn about how ownership of copyrighted materials works, what is fair use and when and how to get permission to use someone else's materials (text and/or audio with Flash, high/low bandwidth options)

Cyberbee Copyright Guidelines <> -- Copyright questions and answers for kids

U.S. Copyright Law <> -- an excellent site on electronic copyright -- easy to understand; provides clear examples of educational fair use.


Plagiarism tutorial -- definition, examples, strategies to avoid it; and Plagiarism Quiz (by Steve Burks, Saint Michael's College)

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