Newsletter with columns

(from Microsoft HELP)

Create newsletter-style columns

Text in newsletter-style columns flows from one column to the next on the same page.

  1. Switch to print layout view.
  2. Select the text you want to format in columns:

    An entire document

    On the Edit menu, click Select All.

    Part of the document

    Select the text.

    Existing sections

    Click in a section or select multiple sections.

  3. On the Standard toolbar, click Columns .
  4. Drag to select the number of columns you want.

Create a table

Microsoft Word offers a number of ways to make a table. The best way depends on how you like to work, and on how simple or complex the table needs to be.

  1. Click where you want to create a table.
  2. Click Insert Table  on the Standard toolbar.
  3. Drag to select the number of rows and columns you want.

You can also do any of the following:

Use the Insert Table command

Draw a more complex table

Add a cell, row, or column to a table

  1. Select the same number of cells, rows, or columns as the number of rows or columns you want to insert.


    Some parts of a table can only be seen if you display all formatting marks by clicking  Show/Hide  on the Standard toolbar.

    To select:

    A cell
    Click the left edge of the cell
    A row
    Click to the left of the row.
    A column
    Click the column's top gridline or border.
    Multiple cells, rows, or columns
    Drag across the cell, row, or column.
    Or select multiple items that are not necessarily in order. Click the first cell, row, or column you want, press CTRL, and then click the next cells, rows, or columns you want.
    Text in the next cell
    Press TAB.
    Text in the previous cell
    Press SHIFT+TAB
    The entire table
    Click the table move handle, or drag over the entire table.

    Note   You can also select rows, columns, or the entire table by clicking in the table and then using the Select commands on the Table menu, or by using keyboard shortcuts.

  2. On the Table menu, point to Insert, and then click an option.