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Christine Bauer-Ramaza

(more student quotes, used with permission)

  1. Comments in the first half of the course

  • “Tremendous learning experience: exposure to a wealth of resources & media” (3/2004)
  • “Can you believe we're already 6 weeks in? It's been great learning from everyone thus far.” ((3/2004)
  •  “I am as enthusiastic as you are. Our voice conference this weekend was something I really enjoyed. It's amazing how computers can bring together people and students from all around the world. (3/2004)
  • “Once again, the learning in this course is just endless for me!” (3/2004)
  • “Regarding the use of comments and WordArt to help give student feedback: “In my student teaching, my students have been working on a PowerPoint for their oral presentation next week.  They are sending me their "rough drafts" asking for feedback.  I've been able to use what I learned in this class to do this online.  What a great tool!” (3/2005)
  1. Comments at the end of the course

  • "Now I’m convinced that the CALL is a very valuable teaching tool, a necessary complement, which enables us to extend the interaction opportunities beyond the classroom walls, thus changing the teacher’s role to that of a facilitator and asking students to become more responsible." (5/2002)
  • "This course ended up being so much more than I anticipated. I was very hesitant about taking an online course because I like the interaction of the f2f classroom. I didn't think I was going to be able to experience that same type of environment in an online setting. Now that I've taken this course, I know that functioning online is something that I can enjoy and also learn from… I thought the course was laid out well and forced total strangers to interact with one another. I feel like I've gotten to "know" people whom I've never met before. Some of the collaborative tasks were challenging considering our different time schedules, but overall the course made the ten of us come together in unfamiliar territory." (5/2004)
  • "I came home after a long work dinner and I wanted to open the laptop and check on your messages. I think I am addicted to the CALL course now :) " (5/2004)