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Tasks, hands-on project, models, readings, and hands-on links in a module on Word and the Writing Process

1. Task: Using advanced features of Word 

        Objective: incorporate the features discussed in the following tutorials in constructing a newsletter for your class, colleagues, or school

2.  Hands-on Project

Create a Word document for a newsletter, using a table with 2 columns.  Add colors, fonts, font effects, WordArt, text boxes, symbols, graphics, and a decorative page border.  Make sure your name, the title of the project, the course name, and the date appear on the document in a header or footer; spell-check everything. Then upload your file to the shared folderóNewsletter in Word

3.  Models
Go to the shared folder.  Download and review the samples of newsletters created by other learners.  See the Sample newsletter
<>   with Callouts (AutoShapes) and special font effects in Word

4.  Readings
B-P & W, Ch. 5: Using Technology to Teach Reading and Writing
(links to additional readings at <>

4.  Hands-on links
Visit the link to MagicMarking Online! <>.   S
ee screenshots of What is MagicMarking? How do I enter comments? How can I use the AutoCorrect list? How can I use the Track Changes function? How can I copy the comments to use with my own AutoCorrect list?  Then view the sample documents of drafts at various stages in the writing process.