Student Projects in the CALL classroom

Principles illustrated:

  • integration of technology in the ESL classroom through project/ task-based learning
  • students constructing knowledge through interaction and collaboration on tasks/projects
  • the CALL teacher as facilitator
  • collaboration that fosters negotiation of meaning
  • students taking responsibility for their learning (learner autonomy)
  • opportunities for scaffolded skill-based learning that promotes communicative competence

Streaming videos of students collaborating and negotiating meaning (uploaded into CALL Online as examples)

  1. Using software in the ESL/CALL Classroom
    (National Inspirer) to teach content (U.S. geography and history)

  2. Using Internet Resources in the ESL/CALL Classroom
    (undergraduate students in a TESL/TEFL Seminar teaching a CALL lesson to ESL students using games found in
    Christine's Links to Useful TESL/CALL Web Sites

  3. Using PowerPoint in the ESL/CALL Classroom
    (narrated slide show, discussing the use of student projects in CALL, followed by a student-created slide show with music)

Using software in the ESL/CALL classroom (streaming video clips) 

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