Discussion Group
Collaborative Activities in Online Teaching/Learning 

Convention Information.


Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Professor of CALL Online
Saint Michael's College
Colchester, VT
Coordinator of the EV ONLINE sessions
(cbauer-ramazani at smcvt.edu

Janet Keyser
Professor and Coordinator of English and ESL
Tec de Monterrey, 
Campus Mexico City
(jkeyser at itesm.mx)
JoAnn Miller
Coordinadora Institucional de Ingles
Universidad del Valle de Mexico
Mexico, D. F.
Coordinator of the EV ONLINE sessions
(miller at efltasks.net)

Collaborative online activities put more responsibility on the learner for learning and progress. Are you wondering, "What are the very real educational advantages of collaborative activities in an online environment?", and "How can I implement them?" The presenters will discuss these  issues and hope to share experiences, questions, and hesitations with enthusiasts.

Types/examples of online collaborative activities:

  • e-mail exchanges
  • online peer reviews
  • team reviews of web sites, software
  • team scavenger/treasure hunts
  • team construction of slideshows
  • team newsletters
  • team webquests
  • team web projects

Links to online collaborative activities:

WebQuests -- see collection at http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/Links/webquests.htm, including

JoAnn Miller's WebQuests
Crime Prevention WebQuest: http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/webcrimeprjo.html
Ecology WebQuest: http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/webecologyjo.html
Non-Verbal Communication WebQuest: http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/webbodylanjo.html

Christine's Student Web Projects:
1.  Original web site of the Student Web Projects:
2.  Publication of the Student Web Projects in Topics Online Magazine (by Sandy and Tom Peters):
          * Restaurant Reviews by ESL Students  (http://staff.uscolo.edu/peterssl/topics/projects/restaurants/project.htm)
          * Shopping for Necessities near Saint Michael's College
3.  What the teacher has to to say (purpose and process of the student web projects):

Janet Keyser's WebQuest:
Other links to collaborative projects
Ruth Vilmi's International Writing Exchange (http://www.ruthvilmi.net/hut/Project/IWE/ )
Global Grocery List Project (http://landmark-project.com/ggl/)  
International Boiling Point Project (http://k12science.stevens-tech.edu/curriculum/boilproj/ )
E-mail and WWW Projects: collaboration on the electronic express -- by Susan Gaer (sgaer@yahoo.com) and Christine Bauer-Ramazani (cbauer-ramazani@smcvt.edu), TESOL 2002 (http://www.otan.us/webfarm/emailproject/tesol2002/projects2002.html)

Links to sites for authoring collaborative online projects

Filimentality: http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/formats.html 
Web Worksheet Wizard: http://www.4teachers.org/ -- many web authoring templates included; can be used for making WebQuests.
Discovery teaching tools http://school.discovery.com/teachingtools/teachingtools.html
Christine's authoring tools page: http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/Links/authoring_tools.htm

Links to articles on collaborative activities in online learning/teaching:

Collaborative Learning Online: An online bibliography and web resources page (http://info.ox.ac.uk/ctitext/service/workshop/collab.html)
Interaction, Assessment and Collaboration in Online Courses -- bibliography by Christine Bauer-Ramazani, and Barbara Sihombing, http://www.peakpeak.com/~barbs/biblio.html
Internet Chat: Collaborating and Learning via E-Conversations
Featured article in TESOL Journal, by Mark R. Freiermuth -- http://www.tesol.org/pdfs/pubs/tj/tj11-03.pdf
Written Interaction: A Key Component in Online Learning
by Judith C. Lapadat -- http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol7/issue4/lapadat.html