Web Cast Participation Guide for TESOL 2010
CALL Interest Section:
Electronic Village
Technology Showcase and EV Fair Classics

Connect with presenters at the Electronic Village at the 44th Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit (TESOL 2010), March 24-27 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. If you cannot be there in person, join the Convention goers virtually. The CALL Interest Section has organized several presentations to be web cast from the Electronic Village in Boston.  You can see and listen to the presentations and submit questions via text or voice chat. Click the link below to see the schedule of web cast presentations.

Web Cast Session Schedule 2010


Date of the Web Casts
March 25 and 26

To see the time for the Web casts in your area, click the link to the WorldClock

Location of the Web Casts
the Webheads Virtual Office at LearningTimes.org
<http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=273662 or

Instructions for Participation

Before the Web Cast:  

How to use the Elluminate Live! chat room . . .
Very important for first-time users:

  • Listen/view the Elluminate Live! ® V9 Training and Documentation for Participants > Participant Orientation (5 minutes)


Additional Resources:




Critical steps for participating in the Web Cast:
  1. Be sure to join the session 5 - 10 minutes prior to the start.
  2. Set your Connection Speed to the Internet and computer platform (PC or MAC).
  3. CRITICAL: Use the Audio Setup Wizard to test out your microphone and speakers.
  4. Follow and participate in the text chat on the left at any time--raise questions or post comments.
  5. Listen to the presenter(s) and adjust the volume as needed by using the slider.
  6. CRITICAL: To speak, press the microphone icon.
  7. CRITICAL:  Release the microphone when finished by pressing it again.


  • Sometimes you are prevented from connecting to an Elluminate Live! server to authenticate and join a session. This may be caused by a firewall/proxy or lost Internet connection.

posted by CALL-IS Chair Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Last updated: 12/19/2012