Web Cast Participation Guide for TESOL 2006
Electronic Village

Connect with the 40th Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit (TESOL 2006) March 15-18, 2006 in Tampa, Florida, USA. If you cannot be there in person, join the Convention goers virtually. For the first time, the CALL Interest Section has organized 4 presentations and 2 interviews to be web cast from the Electronic Village in Tampa. You will be able to hear CALL experts Tom Robb, Randall Davis, Leslie Opp-Beckman, and Chris Jones present their web projects. By clicking on the links to their presentations, you can follow along and also participate in a text chat.

If you have a microphone and a Skype connection, you will be able to ask questions of the presenters directly. Please click the link below to see the schedule of web cast presentations.

Schedule of Web Casts

Important Preparations

Before the web cast:
  1. Download Skype at http://www.skype.com
  2. Add the contact worldbridges.



Participating in the web cast:
To join the conversation you can either skype 'worldbridges'

or call the teleconference at 1-402-756-9000, access code 537267.

You can also 'listen only' to the web cast.  Click one of the listen links at http://worldbridges.com/.

Please note: If you use Skype to join the conversation, please turn your web cast off first.  Also, audio quality will be much better if you are using a headset, not speakers.

More info about how to listen and participate at http://www.worldbridges.com/webcasts/listening.htm and http://www.worldbridges.com/webcasts/participation.htm

We are looking forward to your participation during these events.
The Web Cast Organizers
Jeff Lebow (www.Worldbridges.com) and Christine Bauer-Ramazani
We thank TESOL, the CALL-IS, the Electronic Village team, and the Electronic Village Online Coordinators for their on-site assistance with these events.
Last updated: 04/04/2014