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WebQuests for Project-based Teacher Training

Presentation at the 38th Annual TESOL Convention, Long Beach, CA, April 2004



Christine Bauer-Ramazani and Kayoko (Koko) Hirano
Saint Michael's College
Colchester, VT 05495

e-mail: cbauer-ramazani at

Target Audience: teacher trainers as well as ESL/EFL teachers interested in implementing a content- and project-based approach in their classes

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WebQuests have been a part of project-based learning and teaching in mainstream education for some time and have a multitude of applications in ESL/EFL, both in teacher training and in ESL/EFL classes that are focused on content-based learning.  Following Bernie Dodge and Tom Marsh's approach to WebQuests ( and using their templates for WebQuests (, the teacher trainees in my online graduate Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) class implemented the readings and research for project-based learning by constructing their own collaborative WebQuests for ESL/EFL, both for public-school and college teaching.  The team projects were evaluated by using a rubric for WebQuests (  This presentation will discuss the why's and how's of WebQuests (, review the design process, and examine some of the WebQuests my students designed for public-school and college ESL/EFL learners (