E-Mail Communication: Emoticons
   Penpal Exchanges (E-mail Tandem): Suggestions 
Teresa Almeida d'Eca's E-Mail Page: includes
Articles, Books, Chat, Discussion lists, Glossaries, Guidelines, Lessons, Mailing lists, Netiquette, etc.. . ., Papers, Presentations, Projects, Related articles and sites, Theses

Mary Houten-Kemp's E-Mail tips for the newcomer, E-Mail Glossary, E-Mail Services, and more
Links to ESL Discussion Groups/Lists
Deborah Healey's 'How To at SchMOOze U'
(definition of MOO, list of MOO client software, instructions and commands for using SchMOOze)
Deborah Healey's 'Using SchMOOze in the Classroom'
Research on E-Mail and MOOs

Mystery Character E-Mail Project - by Joy Egbert: an example of an email exchange between two classes

Student Summary Presentations (slideshows) of Articles

for using E-mail and MOOs

E-mail Keypals for Language Fluency
Noriko Koizumi

Poetic E-mail Introductions
Yukari Muramoto & Amanda Pitkin

E-Mail for Cross-cultural Exchange
Masaharu Kariya

E-Mail Keypalling for Writing Fluency
Paul Seefeldt & Masaharu Kariya

E-Mail for English Teaching
Jana Pedemonte


Approaches to Introducing ESL Students to Computers
Jana Pedemonte


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