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Study Skills

How to Study and Learn Effectively <> -- 4 book chapters covering 5 note-taking and learning methods, note-taking software, strategies for improving reading comprehension, and 6 memorization techniques

Learning Strategies Database (Center for Advancement of Learning, Muskingum College) -- General Purpose Learning Strategies Menu

10 Effective Study Habits <>

Joe Landsberger's Study Guides and Strategies <> -- study guides and strategies in various languages

Online Academic Success Videos <> -- videos with and without captions on Reading Improvement, Notetaking (Cornell Method), Time Management, Strategic Learning, and Stress Management, by the Academic Skills Center, Dartmouth College

English Language Teaching Unit <> -- This course has been designed for international students of all levels studying English language and study skills at Sussex University.   The aim of the course is to help develop and practice English language skills using the computer as a resource, a writing tool, and a means of communication.  There are 10 lessons, each with a variety of tasks, and every student should complete a project.

Reading -- SQ3R Method <> -- (by Academic Resource Center - Sweet Briar College)

James Cook University, Learning Centre, Study Skills <>  -- includes Online Orientation (Valuable advice about university life and study), Organisation (Practical tools and strategies to improve organisation), Learning (Modules to help you understand how you think and learn, e.g. Testing your Reading Speed and Reading Effectively), Lectures and Tutorials (How to get the most out of lectures and tutorials), Writing (Help in producing well structured academic writing), Learning Support Surveys

How to  <> -- a Study Skills Resource Site -- free study skills, study strategies, and study tips for reading, listening, writing, speaking, test-taking, vocabulary, memory, time-management

Ohio University's English student resources <> -- includes links to resources for Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary

ESL Skill Areas: Vocabulary, Reading, and Cloze <> -- by Vance Stevens

Ms. Harland's Study Skills < for middle/high school learners; includes Internet Links for Helping you improve your study habits <>; Includes concept mapping, SQ3R, and more excellent stuff!

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