Resources for CALL Students/Teachers

Rubrics for assessment and evaluation (project scoring):

TEFL Professional Network Career Database System <>

CALL Software Evaluation Guide <>

Cutting Edge CALL Demos <>

EF Englishtown <> -- includes Pen Pal Club, Teachers' Inn, English School, Link Yard, Chat Pools, EF Building, Learning Fair, English Shops, biliingual dictionaries

The ESLoop <> -- A compendium of ESL teaching and learning sites

The Reading Matrix <> -- The Reading Matrix was founded in 2001 to provide an online resource for teachers of reading, composition, literature and languages, and English as a second language. The site includes an international, peer-reviewed, online journal that features articles and reviews of recent software and books of interest to reading specialists, teachers of composition and literature, curriculum consultants, researchers, and those integrating and applying technology in the classroom. 

TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links <> -- from the Internet TESL Journal

English as a Second Language Resource for Adult Educators <> -- a compendium of books, periodicals, and other materials for ESL teachers

Athelstan <> -- Online Publications
  Instructional Software <>
  Authoring <>
  Word Processing/Fonts<>
  Video/Film/Cassettes <>
  Videodisc <>
  CD-ROM <>
  Language Labs <>
  Audio/Video Hardware <>
  Telecommunications/Satellites <>
  Newsletters/Journals/Books <>
  Organizations <>

Search Engines <>

Communications Media <> -- Searchable Software Reviews, K-12.

Thanksgiving <>

Internet Links for Teachers of English <> -- Find full lesson plans for your English class; authentic material for your English lessons; authentic audio material for lessons; activities for your English class; answers to teaching questions; discussion of English teaching issues; online workshops on teaching English; free online reference materials; free online grammar and style texts; articles about English teaching; and so much more!

The Virtual CALL Library <> -- a collection of freeware and shareware with instructions and programs for downloading

Net-Language <>

Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom <>

Jokes for the English as a Second Language Classroom <>

Games & Activities for the ESL Classroom <>

ESL Links Page for Students <>

ESL on the Internet <>

Interesting Links for ESL Teachers <>

Links to ESL/EFL/TESL/TEFL Links Pages (ITESLJ) <>

Selected Links for ESL Students <>

Volterre Web Links for Learners <>

Volterre Web Links for Teachers <>

English Language Teaching Resources <>

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators <>


TEFL Pro Network: Database Job Search <>

Wandering The Web <> -- Christine Meloni's collection of links to visit (from TESOL Matters)

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet <> -- by Terry Gray.  An educational, scholarly, not-for-profit site begun in the earlier, more "altruistic" days of the net.  Mr. Gray is clear about his educational purpose, and walks browsers/students through the educational asics of plagiarism, how to use the site, and other instructional information in the "introduction" link on the home page.

English To Go <>

Agora Language Marketplace <>

The Tower Tipsheet <- Designed to introduse ESL students and teachers to unique and useful internet resources.  Plublished five days a weekd (Monday - Friday).

Dissertation Abstracts <>

UMI Dissertation Abstracts <>

Print Media Regarding Technology in Education and Language Learning <>

Selected CALL Bibliography <>

SunStone House <> -- Come and live in the beautiful SunStone House in Breckenridge, Colorado. Enjoy small-group English lessons in the morning, and then take off and enjoy horseback riding, hiking, or river rafting in the afternoon! It's the perfect way to combine English study with a great vacation!

Topica <> -- Links to important websites such as learning English, getting a jobs, etc...

Check the Grid <> -- "Here's a very useful movie review site. It shows you what several movie critics from around the US think about a movie. It uses a "Traffic Light" system: Green for GO, red for DON'T GO, and yellow for BE CAREFUL."

Bed and Breakfast Inns Directory, Over 27,000 Bed and Breakfasts Worldwide. <> -- "Have you ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast? A B&B is a small hotel that serves breakfast to its guests every morning. Most B&B's are old houses that have been converted into B&B's"

ThinkWave Educator <>

Foreignborn <> -- This site is full of very useful information for foreigners who are (or will be soon) working or studying in the U.S. You can find out about:

Poetry <> -- Poetry can be a fun way to play with words and improve your English! At this site, you can read lots of fun poems and learn how to write your <> -- "I (Mary Lynne Isham) think this site has potential in several ways: (1) as a research site, it's a resource for some basic information on Nobel Prize winners, incl. their bios, nomination & acceptance speeches, and add'l. info related to the reason each won the prize. (2) on-line interactive games related to the reason for the prize being given. For example, a blood typing game related to the 1901 Nobel Prize in medicine (click on blood typing at the bottom of the home page). This game could be used to determine how well a S understood the instructions on how blood typing works - try the game and see if you like it. (Be careful not to accidently prick the doctor with the needle - she reacts!) This game checks comprehension in a completely fun way."

Projects Completed by GRCC-ESL Students <>

British Council <> -- "We connect people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and build lasting relationships between the UK and other countries.

Learning Resources <>

English student resources <>

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