on E-Mail and MOOs

Further Reading on MOOs

MOOs as 'constructive spaces': Further Reading

Electronic Journal of Communication -- did an entire issue on computer-mediated discourse analysis at one time. However, it appears that you must join the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship before you may search their archives.

Educational Technology Conservatory

Nursing The Internet:  A Case Study of Nurses' Use Of Computer-Mediated Communications -- Peter J. Murray

Aspects of the context of email interaction:  Some preliminary musings on Netdynam

Internet Constructed Texts -- Terrell Neuage.  Hypertextual Literature, Internet constructed texts, WWW, World Wide Web, e-mail, newsgroups, MUDs, Internet, chat rooms, literature, communication, multimedia, hypertext, hypermedia, dialogue, discourse, Discussion Groups, MOOs, semiotics, intertextuality, Internet2

Mark Warschauer's Home Page - contains a study comparing students' interaction using Daedalus and in face-to-face interaction

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