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English NetLinks: General English <> -- -- an index of many sites (in alphabetical order); created by Jeffrey Hill 

TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links <> -- From the Internet TESL Journal

The ESL Study Hall (by Christine Meloni) <> -- includes READING (literature, Notable Citizens of Planet Earth), WRITING (Punctuation quiz, Writer's Web--online writing handbook--Writing Help for academic/business/technical/fiction/grant/online writing), VOCABULARY  (Flags and Countries Quiz, Word Drop and Quiz Wiz), GRAMMAR (A Guide to Grammar and Writing with grammar explanations and quizzes, Grammar and Style notes with lessons, exercises and quizzes), LISTENING (The Listening Lounge, The ESL Wonderland with authentic listening materials and instructional materials to accompany them), CONVERSATION,  DISCUSSION (Discussion Lists/Keypals--SL-Lists--International EFL/ESL E-mail Student Discussion Lists, and STUDENT SITE  REVIEWS

An ESL Resource Guide for Language Instructors <> -- resources for all areas of ESL teaching, recommended by Francine Davis

Charles Kelly Aichi Institute of Technology Toyota, Japan <> -- English Language Study

US Thanksgiving Holiday <> -- US Thanksgiving Holiday Webquest Activities for ESL and EFL, by Leslie Opp-Beckman; includes links to Turkey Trivia Quizzes, Fill-in-the-Blanks Web Tales, Word Games, Fact Finding, Virtual Tours, Jokes, Thanksgiving eCards, recipes, and many other support sites

Online English Language Center <>  -- many resources for teachers and students; maintained by Leslie Opp-Beckman

Recommended Language Links <> -- excellent links to resources (mostly British English) for all areas of English language learning and teaching, including English for Academic Purposes

Happy Valentine's Day <>

Holidays <>

Summary of Common U.S. Holidays <>

Thanksgiving <>

The World Wide Holiday and Festival Page <>

Web Projects for the ESL/EFL Class <>

Distance Learning Programs <>

The ESL Study Hall <> -- Links and reviews of sites to improve reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills.  From George Washington University.

The English Teacher's Assistant Newsletter <> -- The Newsletter for busy, innovative, ESL and EFL teachers and tutors. Fresh and new ideas and activities for teachers to teach grammar, reading, writing and other language skills.

English Grammar Skills for ESL Students <> -- Links and reviews of sites to improve reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

Learning English On The Web <> -- Online activities are broken down into listening and speaking, reading with understanding, and grammar and writing.  In addition there are some great links to other ESL/EFL sites.

EFL/ESL Students' References <> -- A variety of study materials and links for those studying English

English <> -- Offers online courses for improving grammar, vocabulary, and reading.

Sentence Stress <> -- How sentence stress helps you to understand spoken English. Listen to samples.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate <> -- This site focuses on the principles of Lincoln-Douglas Debate and also includes information on how to write a case, comments on strategy, and editorials on current practices.

Cutting Edge CALL Demos <> -- Includes the latest in cutting edge lessons, quizzes, and activities for students of ESL.

Interesting Things For ESL Students <> -- Free online textbook and fun study site.  Slang, proverbs, anagrams, quizzes, activities, and more

English As A Second Language <> -- A new, enjoyable and effective way to learn and improve your English.  It also increases your TOEFL, college, work or pleasure.

ERIC Database <> -- one of the largest sources of educational resources on the web.

Tower Of English <> -- Complete with the debate hall, the academy (with on-line ESL courses, tower tutors, and study abroad programs), the conference room with its free message board and chat rooms, and the job center.

TEFL Farm <> -- Sab Will has created the TEFL Farm for EFL teachers and anyone who loves English.  "We cover," he writes, " all aspects of TEFL with the emphasis firmly on fun, fascination and all that is intriguing about this wonderful language of ours.  The site includes in-depth articles and reviews, the "Pigsty Papers" column, interviews with TEFL personalities, the "Sheepdip Forum," and "Fireside Curios."

Language Learning & Technology -- <>

Papyrus News moves <>

Yellow Pages  <> --  Find businesses in your state

Be an Architect! <> -- "Have you ever thought about your dream house? What kind of house would you like to live in? At this site, you can be an architect and design your own house!"

Englishforum <> -- Comprehensive web portal with a wealth of resources for students and teachers of English (ESL/EFL). Interactive Exercises, Message Boards, ELT Book Catalogue, Good School Guide, Web Directory, World News, Learning and Teaching Links, Cool Tools, and more ...

Tower of EnglTower of English Lobbyish <> -- "The ESL guide to the internet..."

ESL/EFL Activity Links <>

English student resources <>

Reading Resources for English Language Learners <>

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