E-Mail Communication: Netiquette and Emoticons

1)   Using UPPER CASE is considered shouting.

                     CAN YOUR HEAR ME??!!

2)    (*) Asteriks are used to set off words - also words enclosed by asteriks are considered to be in italics.

              I *need* you to understand what I am emphasizing.

              Do you know I am emphasizing this sentence?  *grin*

3)    Frequently used symbols;

                :)        smile

                ;)        wink

                ;(        frown/wink

                :<       angry

                @-->-->----      a rose

4) Commonly used abbreviations:

                IMHO       in my humble opinion

                FYI           for your information

                FAQ         frequently asked questions

                BTW         by the way

                ASAP        as soon as possible

                BRB          (will) be right back

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