Etiquette & Discussion Lists

Note: Web2.0 tools like blogs and wikis seem to have made Email discussion lists for students superfluous, so these sites may no longer offer the service or have gone out of service.

Email <> -- includes Email Etiquette, Free Web-based Email Services, Perfect Greetings, reporting spam emails, and email articles and resource sites

Email Lists for Teachers of English <> -- "VOLTERRE-FR has email lists of interest to teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language.  Go global.  Try out any and all of these email lists."           

Email Lists for Learners of English <> -- VOLTERRE-FR Email Lists for Learners of English.

Linguistics Mailing List <>

GoogleGroups <> -- is a great resources for finding listservs, discussions groups, and a whole range of message-posting services on a wide variety of topics.

YahooGroups <> -- a listserv hosting site; various email communities 

SLART-L -- Second Language Acquisition Research and/or Teaching (Mail command "info SLART-L" to )

Direct-L <> -- a very active mailing list for all issues related to Macromedia Director.

Subscribing to Professional Listservs (TESL-L, TESLCA-L, TESP-L, TESLK-12) <> -- Christine Bauer-Ramazani

JALTCALL -- Japan Association for Language Teaching CALL.  Mailing lists:

LLTI Language Learning and Technology International <>

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