Copyright and Plagiarism

Fair Use Guidelines For Educational Multimedia <> -- 1996; updated 2001

The TEACH Toolkit <> -- a guide to the TEACH Act, a joint project by the North Carolina State University Libraries, Office of Legal Affairs, and DELTA.  Subsections include Education What Does Teach Say? ,TEACH in Context ,TEACH Glossary, TEACH Act Text, Implementation TEACH Guidelines, TEACH Basic Checklist, Expanded Checklist, TEACH Copyright Notice, Permissions Guide,
TEACH Powerpoint,
Best Practices Authentication, Downstream Controls, When to Digitize, Beyond TEACH
TEACH and Fair Use, More Help TEACH Scenarios, Copyright Tutorial, TEACH Resources

Articles/sites on TEACH and Fair Use
Copyright Bay
The Copyright Web site: -- Explains issues relating to audio, visual, digital and paper based materials.  It deals mostly with US copyright laws.

A Checklist of a Few Requirements for Lawful Compliance with The T.E.A.C.H. Act <> (November 2002/January 2003) by Dr. F. J. Dolak

Copyright Crash Course Online Tutorial <> -- learn about how ownership of copyrighted materials works, what is fair use and when and how to get permission to use someone else's materials (text and/or audio with Flash, high/low bandwidth options)

Cyberbee Copyright Guidelines <> -- Copyright questions and answers for kids

Common Scenarios of Fair Use Issues: Posting Materials on Course Management Systems <>

Web Law FAQ <> -- Lists frequently asked questions about copyright as it affects the WWW.  Primarily US based.

References on Copyright Information <> -- From Lonely Planet   

U.S. Copyright Law <> -- an excellent site on electronic copyright -- easy to understand; provides clear examples of educational fair use.


Plagiarism <> -- definition, examples, strategies to avoid it; Plagiarism tutorial and Plagiarism Quiz (by Steve Burks, Saint Michael's College)

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity <> -- Interactive video/lesson about the not-so-obvious as well as the obvious ways students may commit academic integrity offenses.

Plagiarism (with examples):

Avoiding plagiarism:

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