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          We had an exciting web project in Christine Bauer-Ramazanis Oral Skills/Advanced class in the Intensive English Program at Saint Michaels College.  We decided to make a web page about interesting shops in downtown Burlington.  We think that these shops can appeal to international students because they can use the information to find fashionable clothes and accessories.

          We wanted to know which shops are popular among Saint Michaels College (SMC) students and recommend good shops to new international students. Therefore, we surveyed SMC students about the most interesting shops in downtown Burlington.  Then, we chose the four best shops based on the result of our survey, and we visited those shops to get more details. 

The authors of this web project are Takashi Ishikawa (Japan), Ngawang Chotar (Tibet), Mika Nakamura (Japan), Hyun Ah Yu (Korea), and Hyun Taek Yu (Korea).  Takashi is going back to Kanazawa Technical College to finish his studies in computer programming; Ngawang wants to study journalism or computer programming;  Mika is going back to Kagoshima, Japan, to study three more years of dentistry; Hyun Ah is studying food science in Korea and  wants to work for a company developing new food processing techniques; Hyun Taek wants to work for a movie company after finishing his studies.


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