Word Processing: ESL Exercise 1

(Kathy Mahnke)

During this lesson you will practice the following technical and language skills:

Word Processing English language skills
1.  Inserting and deleting spaces and characters 1. Sentence beginning and end
2.  Tool bar uses 2. Use of punctuation marks
3.  Margin justification 3. Spacing for different punctuation marks

Capitalization Rules:

Review the punctuation and capitalization rules. Then add the necessary punctuation to the items in the following exercises. Add capital letters when necessary.


Leave 1 space after a period (.)
Leave 1 space after a colon (:)
Leave 1 space after a question mark (?)
Leave 1 spaces after an exclamation point (!)
Leave 1 space after a semi-colon (;)
Leave 1 space after a comma (,)


INCORRECT: However ,
CORRECT: However,

Directions: Open up a new Word document.  Minimize the window.  On this page, highlight the four exercises 1.a - 1.d.  Click EDIT, then COPY.  Click on the Word document on the taskbar to open it up again.  Then click EDIT and PASTE.  Now complete the exercise and submit it.

Exercise 1a Punctuation

1. Hurry we're never going to make the bus

2. How many are going

3. All five are going John Phil Sue Jennifer and Jason.

4. Where are they all

5. They're all at the station waiting for us

6. We'll make it the bus may be late

7. I had to go back for the lunches they wanted cheese sandwiches apples and cookies

8. They brought their own sodas

9. What time do we return

Exercise 1b Punctuation

1. Isn't it surprising that foreign students don't have more trouble with our language

2. How can they cope with all our inconsistencies

3. Much of our spelling is inconsistent much of our pronunciation is too

4. Note the pronunciation of the following words rough cough through dough bough

5. They all end in ough however the pronunciation of each is different

6. And look at these words bird curd heard herd stirred word

7. They all end with the same sound nevertheless, the sound is spelled differently in each word

8. In 1906 Theodore Roosevelt wrote the Government Printing Office requesting them to use simplified spelling in all government publications congress however passed a resolution forbidding any departure from standard spelling

9. George Bernard Shaw left a large share of his estate to promote simplified spelling the British court broke his will on the grounds of impracticality

10. The Chicage Tribune tried for years to spell many words simply it finally was forced to give up the battle

 Exercise 1c Capitalization

1. My aunt is planning to visit us, but uncle clark can't come.

2. How many nations are members of the united nations?

3. He complained that the democratic party wasn't really democratic.

4. We loved to go down to the river when we were children although we didn't even know its name was the hudson river.

5. On the day after labor day children go back to school.

6. I turned west, when I should have turned east.

7. I'm taking history 101, english 100, french 200, and psychology 309.

8. I like history and english, but I find french and psychology difficult.

9. During my high school days, I spent a lot of time on athletics and later won a letter in baseball from xavier university.

10. I subscribe to newsweek and sports illustrated.

Exercise 1d Capitalization

1. I have never before had a professor, who makes things as clear as does professor roth.

2. The grace lutheran church is one of the most beautiful church buildings in the city.

3. I'm taking math, english, psychology, and art history.

4. She went to college in the south, and then went to a graduate school in the east.

5. I bought some bonds of central vermont public service company because, I think it's a good company.

6. The woolworth building is one of the tallest buildings in the city.

7. A college president has a tough job today, according to president reiss.

8. All of the senators listened to the explanation by senator leahy.

9. I think dad is coming to the play, and perhaps my cousin and my sister will come too.

10. He celebrated on the fourth of july, but had to get back to work on the fifth.