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Lake Champlain Research Consortium Conference Presentations

Professor Doug Facey organized a Lake Champlain research conference, which was held on January 8-9, 2008 at the Sheraton Conference Center in Burlington, VT.  Professor Facey is currently the Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Research Consortium (LCRC), which co-hosted the conference with the Lake Champlain Basin Program.  About 150 people attended the meeting, which featured over 50 research presentations on a wide variety of lake and basin issues and also included panel discussions to help frame priorities for lake research and management for the next few years.  Jeff White, a graduating senior in biology, attended the conference and presented the research that he has been conducting over the last two years with Professor Facey.  The entire conference program is available at the LCRC Web site.

Saint Michael's College has been a member of the LCRC since the Consortium formed in 1991 to "coordinate and facilitate research and scholarship of the Lake Champlain ecosystem and related issues; to provide opportunities for training and education of students on lake issues; and to aid in the dissemination of information gathered through lake endeavors.”  Professor Facey served as Saint Michael's representative to the LCRC Board from 1991 to 2005, when he became the Consortium’s fourth Executive Director.  His work for the LCRC is assisted by Meg Provost from the Office of Academic Affairs. 

Conference Poster Presentations
Diet overlap between native yellow perch and invasive white perch"
By Jeff White '08 and Doug Facey

Poster on Lake Champlain findings
on Missiquoi Bay findings   


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