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Adrien Cloutier '10

Stark, NH

Career Interests:
Veterinary medicine


What has your Saint Michael's experience, particularly your experience as a biology major, been like?

At Saint Michael's College, the small community allows students to interact with both peers and educators on a much more personal level. The biology department is full of educators who show enthusiasm in their fields of interest, which makes learning for their students more enjoyable and interesting. The variety of biology courses required has given me an opportunity to enroll in the necessary classes for a pre-health track as well as enrolling in other classes that intrigue me. The educators in the biology department really take the time to know their students on a more personal level, which makes them highly approachable. Throughout my time here at Saint Michael's, I have become comfortable in going to any of the professors with issues, either personal or academic, which has given me the unique opportunity in having more than the average one or two advisors.

What additional activities did you pursue related to the biology major?

Saint Michael's College has given me the opportunity to be involved in numerous activities outside of my normal classes. During the winter break of my third year I traveled to Costa Rica for a Tropical Ecology course. This course is held every three years and allows students to study the diversity in a tropical environment. I have also enjoyed being a Teacherís Assistant for a general biology laboratory section for the past three years. This has given me the opportunity to sharpen my skills as well as teach other students the applications of biology. Currently, during the fall semester of my senior year, I am partaking in an academic internship with the Vermont Veterinary Surgical Center. A cooperative opportunity between Saint Michael's College and the biology department has allowed me to obtain more hands-on experience in my field of interest while following case studies.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I intend to enroll in Veterinary School. I have already completed my applications and will decide on my destination once I have received replies from the schools. Once I have acquired my DVM degree I intend to work in a mixed animal practice, working with both small and large animals. Eventually I hope to own a practice in the same area in which I grew up.



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