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New Plans for the Biology Senior Seminar




The Biology Department wishes to announce our plan for BI 410: Senior Seminar for Spring 2009. We will be offering three sections of the course. As in the past, each of these sections will focus on the history of biology and be taught as a seminar-style course, structured around student presentations that integrate specific topics in biology with their historical, social, political, ethical and other contexts. The new addition for this Spring’s course is that each of the three sections will have its own focus on a project that will allow students to apply their knowledge in Biology to a problem of interest. Here is the summary of the focus for each section:
  • BI 410 A, Environmental Biology & Entrepreneurship
    Professor Banschbach
    W, F 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

    Students in this section will collaborate with one section of students in the Business Administration Senior Seminar (BU 461: Business Policy & Strategic Management, taught by Professor Letovsky, Chair of the Business Administration Dept.). The biology students will serve as scientific advisors and work with the business students on the development of business plans for “green” enterprise start-ups, businesses that address environmental problems. Biology students will team with Business students to produce these green business proposals for the Enterprise Competition. Plans will be presented in posters at the end of the Spring semester to the rest of the College community. The top five plans, out of approximately 35 plans generated by students in all sections of the Business senior seminar and those from our class, will be presented orally by students to external judges (successful business people and scientists who are also entrepreneurs) to compete for prizes provided by Saint Michael's alumni Peter and Karen Worrell. Further information on the Enterprise Plan Competition can be found at the web site for the Competition:

  • BI 410 B, Biological Aspects of College Life
    Professor Facey
    T, Th 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

    Students in this section will complete a project focusing on some aspect of human biology that they feel is of particular interest or relevance to college students. The project will require collaborating with some other aspect of the Saint Michael's College campus community (such as Health Services, Athletics, Student Resources), researching the biological aspects of a topic of mutual interest, and presenting the results in a poster session late in the spring semester.
  • BI 410 C, Education and Environmental Outreach
    Professor McCabe
    T, Th 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

    Students in this section will use their biological knowledge to develop educational content aimed at upper-elementary school students. Lessons will be developed to meet the teaching goals established by teachers at our partner school. Educational projects will include hands-on experiments that illustrate the scientific method as applied to biological topics as selected by our partner teacher, and specimen-based observational projects that utilize our partner school’s rich collection of preserved specimens, or environmental programs (applied or educational) appropriate for an upper-elementary school setting. Project outcomes will include a science program to be implemented for school students by BI 410 C students, and labeled specimens that could be used by the teachers at the school in years to come, an in-class presentation to your peers, and participation in a poster session for the College community, late in the spring semester. This class will require at least one Saturday meeting and will meet earlier than 10:00 on no more than two days when working with partner schools.


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