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On Teaching and Scholarship
Recent promotions and accomplishments in the Biology Department




Promotion to Full Professor:

Dr. Valerie Banschbach, biology, department chair, resident of Jericho, Vt., whose research interests include conservation biology, ecology and evolution of social behavior, especially of insects, community ecology of ants, foraging behavior and pollination biology. She has developed and co-taught a study-tour of Costa Rica (Tropical Ecology course). Professor Banschbach earned her doctorate from the University of Miami.

Promotion to Associate Professor, with Tenure:

Dr. Declan McCabe, biology department, resident of Dr. Declan McCabe, biology, a resident of South Burlington, Vt., describes his current research interests as macroinvertebrate diversity in Vermont streams. He teaches hands-on, laboratory and field-based courses taking advantage of the natural resources of the Champlain Valley, and has published widely on zebra mussels and other aspects of the Lake Champlain basin. Associate Professor McCabe earned his doctorate from the University of Vermont.


Professors Donna Bozzone and Doug Green have signed a contract with Oxford University Press to write and publish Biology for the Informed Citizen, a textbook for students majoring in fields other than biology.




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